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continuously delivered to different countries. A batch of medical supplies and equipment from China arrived in Tunisia on Saturday; Algeria on Friday received medical supplies donated by a Chinese company; Also on Friday, a Chinese bank announced the donation of medical supplies and cash to Turkey. FRIENDS IN ADVERSITY Besides sendi

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ng medical teams and medical supplies overseas, China has also been dedicated in sharing its experience in fighting COVID-19 with all countries in need. Abdulaziz Alshaabani, a Saudi journalist and researcher in Chinese affairs, said that China "has achieved a great deal in containing the epidemic at home." China has the technology

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and knowledge that can contribute to the global fight against this crisis, he said. Following China's experience, two mobile cabin hospitals were established in Iran to meet the surging demand of COVID-19 treatment, said Wu Huanyu, a member of the expert team and professor with Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Preve


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on Thursday, Chinese medical experts shared their expertise in combating coronavirus with their counterparts from several Middle Ea

stern countries including Libya, Turkey, Lebanon

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